Sit tall and take a deep breath as you read this.

Yes!  I command you to relax, let go and feel expansive inside.

Don’t hurry yourself.  So many benefits for the nervous system when you take a moment to align your awareness with your breath.

And it’s easy!

Bring focus to just below the navel.

(Three finger-widths below, and two-finger widths behind the navel).

Breathe in, keeping concentration on just below the navel, making the inhale longer than usual.

Keeping the navel area as the focal point, exhale deeply and slowly.

Repeat – the awareness on the lower belly, with attentive breathing…

“Hara,” (“belly” in Japanese), is the foundation of rooted standing, breathing and body awareness in martial arts, qigong, swordsmanship, calligraphy and even tea ceremony in Japanese culture.

Considered the physical center of gravity as well as the seat of internal energy, shifting breath-focus to the belly activates this vital energy center.

(Coincidence that Japan boasts the longest life expectancy in the world?)

Breath-focus fortifies the mind and body…

So enjoy, ENJOY this BREATH